Anarchist Dinner Party

What are the goals:

  • Learn about the different schools of anarchism

Social matrix:

  • Work in 2-3 groups


  • 40 mins


  • Pieces of paper & pencils/pen

intro (5 mins)

Introduce the idea that there is to be a anarchist dinner party, with the multitude of different schools attending.

The meal has been prepared according to Hakim Bey's 'Anarchist Black Banquet':

"Cavier & Blinis; Hundred year old eggs; Squid and rice cooked in ink; Eggplants cooked in their skins with black pickled garlic; Wild rice with black walnuts & black mushrooms; Truffles in black butter; Venison marinated in port, charcoal grilled, served on pumpernickel slices & garnished with roast chestnuts. Black Russians; Guiness-&-champagne; Chinese black tea. Dark chocolate mousse, Turkish coffee, black grapes, plums, cherries etc." (Communiques of the A.O.A)

However no one has yet though who to invite, and where they should sit at the table, with suitable company on either side for a good stimulating conversation. There are 12 seats at the table and each of the following schools should be represented (there are 11):

  • Stirner's egoism
  • Anarcho-capitalism
  • Collectivist anarchism
  • Mutualism
  • Anarchist communism
  • Anarcho-syndicalism
  • Anarcha-feminism
  • Green anarchism
  • Anarcho-pacifism
  • Free market anarchism
  • Religious anarchism

activity (25 mins)

  1. Bundle into 2-3 groups
  2. Draw table and 12 chairs round the table on paper
  3. Research the different schools of anarchist thought (wikipedia)
  4. Identify a diner to represent each school (can be from different historical periods)
  5. Label each chair with name of diner and school represented
  6. Someone from each team presents to the other groups their dinner party plan.

discussion (10 mins)

  • Different meta-categories of schools (individualist, social, contemporary, historical etc.)


  • Take photo of dinner table sketch and upload to wiki on appropriate page


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