Bottom Up To Top Down Relationship


Suggest that any Top-Down system is created by Bottom-up process.
Further suggest that Top-Down systems are ultimately informed by Bottom-up systems.


For example to form any kind of governing entity it is required that several individual opinions and positions are satisfied with the suggested
Top-Down system.

Public opinion is the sum of individual opinions which are informed by the Top-Down system governing those people.
However when major shift occurs in the public opinion it usually results in changes in the governing system of those people.



Unlike traditional newsmedia Indymedia aims to be a non-centralized channel for individual journalists to publish their stories with minium interference from the top-down organisation.


Wikileaks collects leaked information and documents anonymously, protecting its leakers with cryptographic measures while amounting a growing knowledge base of things goverments and organizations didn't want the public to see.
Wikileaks responds the problems faced by traditionally organized media being afraid/unable to confirm leaked claims and documents.

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