Collective Document

Here is where you all will develop your collaborative document.

Expected by 30.05:

  • Textual content in paragraphs (at least 750 words to your own topic)
  • Contribution to the development of someone else's topic
  • Coherent structure with header titles
  • Links to source materials.
  • Links other relevant pages.
  • Links to example or source media (eg. video clips)

You will be assessed based on satisfying the above requirements, the quality of your own contribution *and* your 'enhancing' contribution to other(s') topics.

DO get over your fear of publishing unfinished notes and work-in-progress.
If there is nothing contributed at early stages, it will be noted, and negatively affects you and what others can do.

Publish early, Publish often! / Consider this as your research for others

To avoid congestion please make a separate page for your own note-gathering.
Copy-paste content also below after doing work, so we can see everything done so far 'on-same-page'.


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