Creative Organising in the Midst of Culture Wars

'Creative Organising in the Midst of Culture Wars' course will introduce and explore creative organising practices from arts, politics, and online environments within the contemporary context.

Over 9 sessions at Stadia we will move from theory to practical experience, with two Sunday sessions 'live in the situation' of Kirjasto 10.

The full-day sessions will give attention to cultural contexts and background in competing cultural production models of the intellectual property 'cultural wars', with reference to different practitioners and theorists. We will also start with the knowledge and experience which we already have, via dialogical (conversational) exercises in small groups, and supplement discussion by looking at projects and watching several documentaries and clips found online.

As a practicing artist-organiser, teacher Andrew Paterson will use his own recent project 'Clip Kino' as case-study example, currently implemented as a bi-monthly screening event at Kirjasto 10, the music and media library in Central Helsinki.

The ongoing exercise of the course will be the development of a collaboratively-authored copyleft document which will reflect the topics covered. It should be produced by the students outside of contact time, except for Friday 2nd May session. Students: "Consider this your research for others". Textual content, Coherent structure, Illustration, Embedded Video, Links and other research materials will make a good document.

Assessment will be based on 80% attendance, participation in the dialogical exercises, and qualitative contribution to the collaboratively-produced wiki content.

Teaching and content will be in English. Conversational exercises can be enacted in Finnish & reported back in English.


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