Common Action Writing

Exercise: Common Action Writing

What are the goals:

  • To learn about observation practices and note-taking
  • To practice writing about the same action/event, recognising the particular and multiple perspectives that can be gained.

Social matrix:

  • Group decision, Individual work (writing), with group contributions and listening.


15mins group decision-making & 30 mins writing.


  • None

Introduction (0 mins)

  • None

Activity (15mins + 30 mins minimum)

  1. As a group decide upon a common, simple, everyday action that is situated, and can be documented.
  2. Go to the site of the action seperately
  3. Write first line "date, month, year, time (approximate or exact depending on preference)
  4. Start by writing where you are situated
  5. Write down your notes in which ever way you like/feel comfortable doing for at least 30mins

Discussion (15 mins)

When the group meets up again, read out several examples

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