Copyright vs. other ways of protecting intellectual property in Slovenia

Probably the better description of my attempt would be how the new ways of operating with copyright can complement the "classical" copyright laws.


All author works in Slovenia are automatically protected by the "Copyright and Related Rights Act" (in use since 1995) which means that the author doesn´t have to register his work but it´s still protected by law.
The law states that nobody can use, reproduce, distribute, change… the certain work without the author´s permission (the law is accessible in full length online).
The issues of copyright are dealt with by The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office ( and The Copyright Agency of Slovenia (

The Slovenian copyright law is very strict and the fees for breaking it are very high. The procedures to acquire the author´s permission to use his/her work are very long, quite complicated and cost something. The person that demands the copyright has to pay the provision to the author agency, which then contacts the author, asks permission and so on.

Creative commons licenses on the other hand enable to skip the long copyright procedures for the user as well as for the author. They enable the author to decide in what way and under what conditions the user can use his/her work, while still respecting the copyright law on which they are actually based. So instead of "all rights reserved", CC state "some rights reserved".

Creative Commons (CC) Slovenia (

Creative commons licenses were available in Slovenian language and adapted to Slovenian legislation in 2005. Organizations that help CC Slovenia are the Slovenian copyright institute that helps with the issues concerning legislation and Ljudmila - a digital media lab that provides CC with technical and organizational support.

Since 2005 (when CC Slovenia was established) they organise the festival of free culture, where they promote the CC ideas and authors that decided to share their work under CC licenses. The idea of CC was especially adopted by the atrists that work in the digital environment as the internet is the place where copyrights are most of the times violated.

Some links to Cc videos (unfortunately there is no slovenian videos concerning CC on Youtube):

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