DMC2 Assessment Tasks

Attendance 80%

Don't miss more than 2 sessions, otherwise I'll be expecting big effort on Lecture diary & presentation!


Session/Concept development Diary


Students will make a session diary as an assessed part of the course. This will also help develop thoughts towards own 'Imaginary platform' concept development and presentation.

The aim in writing a session/concept development diary is to offer support for one's learning process.
The aim of the diary is to help you to structure what you have read and heard.
The aim is also to exercise your ability to think carefully and critically, and to absorb new information.

It is advisable to write your diary through out the series of sessions, not at the end.

The session diary consists of

A) A short summary of the session, including exercise outcomes
B) Comments on each session and how the topic relates to one's own interests. The emphasis is on the commentary.

It should be stated clearly on the diary which sessions are commented at each time. Each session should get at least one comment.

A comment could be for example,

  • an observation or a thought related to the main content of the session,
  • critical towards the information or interpretations presented at the session,
  • presenting a point of view which was not presented at the session, but would have been worth of attention,
  • containing your own thoughts, or ideas from other sources, which were not referred to during the lecture (links, websites, clips, podcasts, articles, other materials),
  • connected to the session series a whole or in general,
  • connected to some detail (an argument, concept, interpretation presented during the session,
  • contain feedback for the lecturer,
  • connections to reading material and reading group,
  • presenting further questions,
  • a well argued disagreement,
  • describing the most relevant new aspect or issue that your learned (explain why the issue is relevant), and/or
  • a description of the way(s) in which something presented at the session (an argument, a concept, a thought) gave you a new idea related to your work in process.

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'Imaginary Platform' concept presentation.


At the end of the session series, each student will be asked to make a 10 minute spoken presentation of their imagined platform for engaging others in an offline activity of their choice.

The self-identified 'Imaginary platform' project by each student will consider how they might employ these forms to encourage and inspire others to get involved in activity beyond themselves. An historical awarenesss of how such might have been achieved at other times in media/communication history is to be included.

Note, this is a concept development text/presentation, not production, assignment.

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