DMC2 Tutorial Notes


*Sample/music sharing* interest. Web flash, games consoles, marketing, placard, flash-loop players. CRowdsourcing. software example: 'Variason' but cant change the loops/sample & not so informative. what is the thing that is opensourced from professional equipment? august black: userradio project. custom tool. alt party venue. make music, play improv, laptop orchestras, library of samples,
performance solo. compo: zip file of samples. layout of software & usability


*3D modelling*, DX Studio, Producer, music, *NGO interest*. Blender community. Finland community, educational support. Offline social gathering.. case of a Summer camp.


*Mobile platform* game interest., digital illustration, long time *role-playing* game player D&D, continous storyline


Web programming, video editing platform, *open hardware*, PLAN Finland: *developing world context with ICT*, PLAN: remote presentations: slide shows, videos, burned to DVD. sent to developing world. software used? file formats? 'wrapper' platform. what is appropriate on both sides. content?


Marketing Electronic Arts, video *games*, hardware platforms, online distribution for games, virtual finances, *media sharing politics*. Call of Duty, Battlefield server. New platform instead of dedicated servers. Tournament systems. cooperative game play to get through the levels.. Single-player with friend against AI players. Connection over IRC. Games. Ladders ranking system. How about social offline?


General web design, visual designer, flash-coder. *Interest in crowdsourcing, M-Turk*. Labour-task credit exchange: graphic design work related… Crowdsourcing via online platform/network. Attention to a certain webpage… AJAX-like . Idle-Attention economy. API for facebook. Attention is related to the cause. Distributed computing.


General web design, graphics, writing (blogging), *sport-platform*. what to share, identify sport? is it for pedagogical, developmental, resource-sharing, media?.. floorball .. summer league. different locations. dates, groups, referees (to pay), fund-raising, agreed rules according to location. registering group: team name, different colours. *Focus on unusual locations* what makes it fun?

Sharing media, materialisation?, social gatherings: workshops, techniques, retouching,
event production? mixed events with image, music, literature. imbalance of image. organisational roles and support? interest in anthropological video about youtube. de-familiarising

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