Digital Media Culture (DMC4) Evenings

Digitaalinen-viestinta/Digital Communications KD00AB47-2003

Evening course (*2003) 04.10.-15.11.2011


This course will explore the emerging cultures inbetween art, design, society and technology. It will extend how artists, activists, startups and corporations, and non-profit organisations use/have used online and digital networks to encourage people to actively participate in collective activities, and many cases, in the world around them.


Course objectives: The student is familiar with the research field of digital media culture and theories explaining media phenomena. He/she is able to analyse digital media phenomena and scrutinise them critically. The student is able to perceive trends in digital media culture and evaluate their social impact.
The starting point for learning is based on the fields and experiences that the student brings to the class, although the lectures are aimed to introduce them also the emerging practices and ideas around digital culture.



Weekly classes: Tuesday evening 17.00-20.30 (inc. 30mins break)

v40 Tiistai 04.10. - Intro [Download slides pdf 6MB]

v41 Tiistai 11.10. - Social 'interface': social web & production [Download slides pdf 600KB]

v43 Tiistai 25.10. - Economical 'interface': p2p, info-economics, peer-production, crowdsourcing, and changing values (open, free) [Download slides pdf 615KB]

v44 Tiistai 01.11. - Physical/Material 'interface': maker movement, 3d prototyping & manufacturing [Download slides pdf 575KB]

v45 Torstai 10.11. - Audio-Visual 'interface': Intro talk + Clip-Kino -type screening by participants related to their interest.

Clip Selections:

What is Clip Kino? It is a social platform I have invitiated a few years ago which shares video-clips you can find online in a social and public context. Essentially it is a screening event with content found from youtube, vimeo, or other platforms such as internet archive.

Andrew has used it several times in courses like this one. You can see, for example, what the DMC day course choose to share:
In this case each of you will select one video-clip that you can find online, and give justification for your choice, related to your interest in digitial media culture. Ideally this choice will relate to, correspond, support or contradict your personal essay

v46 Tiistai 15.11. - Outro: Story-spine exercise and discussion about the course/interface themes.



A Sample/Typical Day in My Life

Sharing is Caring

Story Spine



The following describes the components of assessment in the course:

Attendance requirement is 5 sessions out of 6.

Record sheet:

Individual student reflections/essays

Individual student work which reflects your knowledge and interest in a form of essay/reflection about a particular digital media culture (in other words, choose one!)

This text is may be guided by the narrative structure in the Story-spine exercise you made on the last session, but you will develop it into a longer 'academic' text as a normal essay. Do include all references & links for your thoughts/narrative as endnotes.

Length 2-5 pages (single line-spacing) .odt or .doc file please!

To be handed in/sent by Friday 23th December, 23.59

Send to:

andrew.paterson [-at-]



As a practicing artist-organiser and independent researcher, teacher Andrew Gryf Paterson ( will lead the lecture series, including recent experiences and stories.

Please note teaching and shared content will be in English.
Conversational exercises can be enacted in Finnish & reported back in English.
Essays and presentations to be made in English.

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