Ecologies and Systems (EcoSys) Workshop

Day 1

[1] Morning session: 09.15-12.00

Introductions between us, motivations and expections, experience

Vocabulary: Ecology, Economics, Populations, Communities, Hierarchy Theory, Ecosystem, Feedback Loops, Input/Output Environments

Ecology – oikos (household) + logos (knowledge)
Economics - oikos (household) + nomics (management)

Hierarchies of organisation: nested/non-nested

Basic system

Input and Output environments



[2] Afternoon session: 13.00-16.00

Modelling the internal dynamics of the ecosystem
Vocabulary: Autotroph, Heterotroph, Storage


Introducing Jane Jacob's 'The Nature of Economies'


Day 2

[3] Morning session: 09.15-12.00

Jacobs J. (2000), Chapter 2: The Nature of Development

Generalities and specificities
Co-development and interdependencies


[4] Afternoon session: 13.00-16.00

Jacobs J. (2000), Chapter 3: The Nature of Expansion


Day 3

[5] Morning session: 09.15-12.00

Jacobs J. (2000), Chapter 4: The Nature of Self-refueling


[6] Afternoon session: 13.00-16.00

Principles of Ecosystem management

Chinese model of ecological cybernetics


Day 4

Refinement of model and self-research


Day 5

[7] Morning session: 09.15-12.00

Discussing developments and difficulties since Wednesday.

Finishing model


[8] Afternoon session: 13.00-15.00

Presentation of project ecosystem models



Jacobs, J. (2000), The Nature of Economies. Random House, New York, USA.

Odum, E. P. (1997), Ecology: A bridge between Science and Society. Sinauer Associates Publishers, Sunderland, Mass., USA.


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