EEE Helsinki Schedule

Programme 2: Medialab TaiK, Helsinki

Location for all sessions: 4th Floor Presentation room, Medialab, TaiK


Session 1 (2hrs)

Introduction to Environmental Awareness (Environments)


Session 2 (2hrs)

Introduction to Ecological Systems (Ecologies)


Session 3 (2hrs)

Introduction to Boundary Objects (Engagements)


Session 4 (2hrs)

Invited Producer 1: Nathalie Aubert (Pixelache)

This session will focus on production of VihreƤ Pilvi project.


Session 5 (2hrs)

Invited Producer 2: Erich Berger (Terminalbeach)

This session will focus on production of Heart Chamber Orchestra project.


Session 6 (2hrs)

Invited Producer 3: Ann Morrison (HIIT)

This session will focus on production of City Wall project.


Session 7 (2hrs)

Student Reflection-to-Action: What project/production/engagement to upack/design?


2 week period

Unpacking/design/fieldwork done by students in own time


Session 8 (2hrs+)

Student Presentations

NB: if class number is 6+ we will arrange an additional mutually-agreed session for presentations.


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