EEE Pedagogical Structure

The 'Engagements | Environments | Ecologies' course is proposed to be composed of 4 components or stages A,B,C & D. Fieldwork may be done individually or in small groups of 2-3.

[A] Discussion seminars

Discussion seminar sessions (5 x 2 hr), focusing on the following vocabulary as 'boundary objects', i.e: engagment | environment | ecology | network | fieldwork.
Reading materials will be shared in advance.

[B] Reflective case-study seminars

Reflective seminars (5 x 2 hr) about practice/experience, with local, Finland-based
case-studies as subject of attention.

A relevant person (initiator or producer) connected to case-study projects will be invited to present their work/experience.[NB/ Presenation fee will be given to presenter with this compensation reduced from teaching fee].

Seminar participants will analyse, reflect and discuss the factors and relations involved, in constructive dialogue with the inivited 'project-figurehead'.

[C] 'Reflection-to-action'

Field-workshop 'Reflection-to-action' which builds upon the reflective discussions of the case-studies. It would aim towards progressive or counter-productive action or imagineering of the case-study project's development. In-other-words, each student would choose one of the case-study examples, and 'follow through' with 'fieldwork'; towards some form of personal, subjective commitment on site/in the respective or related community.

This activity could be investigative textual/oral/image/video journalism or report of effect/impact of project; Performance; reenactment; Extension of an aspect of the original project. Fieldwork ‘journal’ developed as a result of action/activities.
Can include photo & text scrapbook, blog, wiki, audioreportage, documentation of performance(s) etc.

[D] Oral presenations of field-workshop journals

Oral presentation (with audiovisual support) of fieldwork/journal for rest of class group.

This presentation outcome and 'journal' will be assessed.
Assessment criteria: Pass/fail is based on 80% attendance of discussion seminars, submission of fieldwork 'journal' (does not apply in Pori) and oral presentation (with audiovisual support) of the 1 week period.


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