EEE Producers

Reflective seminars (5 x 2 hr) about practice/experience, with local, Finland-based case-studies as subject of attention.

A relevant person (initiator or producer) connected to case-study projects will be invited to present their work/experience.

Seminar participants will analyse, reflect and discuss the factors and relations involved, in constructive dialogue with the inivited 'project-figurehead'.


Pori nominations (2 to be selected)

1. Mikko Lipiäinen: Keosto
[Asked: not yet - Support: TaiK Pori]

2. ??


Helsinki nominations (3-5 to be selected)

1. Nathalie Aubert: HeHe & Pixelache Helsinki – Vihreä Pilvi
[Asked: confirmed - Support: TaiK Medialab?]

2. Cindy Kohtala & Papu Pirtola: o2 Finland – Happihuone
[Asked: confirmed - Support: TaiK Arts Education?]

Ann Morrison: HIIT Uix – City Wall
[Asked: not yet - Support: TaiK Medialab?]

Aleksi Neuvonen: Demos FI – Towards City 2.0
[Asked: not yet - Support: TaiK Spatial design?]

??: Dodo Ry – Urbaanin aakkoset/Urban planning
[Asked: not yet - Support: TaiK Spatial design?]

??: City of Helsinki & Recommended Finland – Finlandiapuisto
[Asked: not yet - Support: TaiK Environmental Arts?]

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