Equality and Networks

Equality and Networks

We have nowadays many possibilities to connect ourselves to different kind of networks in the developed countries. At the same time we kind of take it for granted. We don't think the fact that possibilities of are limited for the most of the people in the rest of the world.

We can see this when taking a look at travelling for example. People whit different kind of social status have very different possibilities. The refugee who travels whit out papers and any legal status is restricted from the possibilities what are given to business traveller that can easily get plain tickets and hotel room reservation made online.

Free information, different kinds of networks, globalization and free trade and free movement of people and capital should give the same possibilities to all the people around the world in princible but reality is that many of thease things create new kind of slavery and suffering. They exclude most of the people right from the start or then these things create new kind of suffering to people who have limitations to work in these networks and interactions.

These limitations can be from lack of knowledge or accessibility to these networks. People who found them self whit out possibility to get connected to this brave new world, that is supposed to create prosperity to everyone, have to function outside of the benefits that we have. As Thomas Berker has said “elite is global, people are local”.

If you think about the facts that all of the new so called improvements to our “global 2.0 information society” are definitely not benefiting everyone, and we should do better in the future.

Offcourse if we think the situation on the poorest areas in the world the fact that they don’t have even the most basic necessities it is difficult to think about their possibilities to get connected to different kinds of networks. It is even quite absurd to think they could benefit form networks because they don’t even have food, water not even mentioned electricity. Still when the basic needs and the infrastructure of these countries would be build back to functioning society it is very important to get these people to get education about networks and the possibilies it provides

It has been proved that if people are given the possibility to function in networks as equals they will profit their selves and the society they live in. My personal view of this equality in the whole is that we should be more interested to try to build functional society to developing countries that can sustain it selves and provide prosperity to the people. I see that now days we just deal whit the most acute problems and not try to really solve the whole problem. We should put more money on the development of equality and even playing field to the whole world and I think that networks could be one really effective tool in this struggle.

[http://www.networkcultures.org/_uploads/27.pdf] pages 182-190 Thomas Berker

What can be done?

Here is some exambles of projects that are trying to give the people in the developping countries the same possibilities that we have. I Strongly belive that whit education we really can make the difference. I will not go very deep in analysin these projects. I just want to show what is beeing done and give some ideas what could be done.

[http://laptop.org/vision/index.shtml] One laptop per child. Project to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment, educate and express themselves

The mission of the One Laptop per Child association is to develop a low-cost laptop—the "XO Laptop"—to revolutionize how we educate the world's children. Our goal is to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves.

Why do children in developing nations need laptops? Laptops are a window and a tool: a window into the world and a tool with which to think. They are a wonderful way for all children to learn learning through independent interaction and exploration.

[http://business2-cnet.com.com/The+100+laptop+moves+closer+to+reality/2100-1044_3-5884683.html] Interestin article about low cost laptops.

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