Excavating The Folder


What are the goals:

  • To learn about how borderline archaeological interpretations can assist in understanding the site(s) of a project
  • To consider how to deal with the material data (files, media etc) which reflects previous experiences/events which one _did_ witness and were involved with
  • To reflect upon how one of your projects have been documented to reflect complexity/different perspectives, and/or how future ones can be.

Social matrix:

  • eg. Individual




Introduction (2 mins)

  • Explain the process

Activity (30 mins)

  1. Recall the project chosen for 'My last project and me'
  2. Look at your archived project file on the project
  3. List the contents, considering some or all of the the following:
  4. the types of files contained such as images, media, text, tables etc.
  5. the role they were used, for example planning, communications, documentation
  6. file formats accessible or obsolete
  7. folder structures
  8. completeness of the project record
  1. Write up some of the things you found and interpreted

Discussion (10 mins)

If group discussion is desired, consider the question: How might the archive record and it's representation affect how your project is interpreteted?

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