Excavating The Place

Exercise: Excavating The Place

What are the goals:

  • To learn about how borderline archaeological interpretations can assist in understanding the site(s) of a project
  • To consider how to gather data which reflects previous experiences/events which one did not witness
  • To reflect upon how one of your projects could have been documented to reflect complexity/different perspectives, and/or how future ones can be.

Social matrix:

  • eg. Individual




Introduction (2 mins)

  • Explain process and make sure everyone understands what we hope to learn and also how to do it

Activity (45 mins)

  1. Recall the Site-specific memories aka The Place exercise done previously which described a memory from 'My last project and me'
  2. Reflect on what results the 'Probe' methods might have given at other times on site, for example 1 day / month / year / decade before.
  3. Consider / do a bit of research about the history of the site. Are there any interesting / notable events that could be integrated in your text?
  4. What sights / smells / sounds / materials etc. might have been seen in the past, for example 1 day / month / year / decade before.
  5. Write up some of the things you found / researched / imagined.

Discussion (10 mins)

If group discussion is desired, consider the question: How mightthe past and it's representation affect how your project is interpreteted?

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