Exploring The Local Interface


What are the goals:

  • Get people used to just using, capturing, contributing with media-capture devices/phones
  • To explore representations and interfaces for media

Social matrix:

  • groups of 3


  • 1.5 hrs


  • Card, pens, tape, etc
  • Print out media when people return

introduction (5 mins)

  • take picture of three objects, add comment, send

Activity (60mins)

  1. Go out and explore the local environment in groups (20mins)
  2. Take pictures, annotate with a few context words, and send to media platform
  3. Return and organise printed packets into a representational form (other than an actual spatially-relative map) and stick onto card, drawing etc. (10mins)
  4. Consider the representation and interface for an Audience
  5. Present outcome to the rest of group (5 mins each group)

Discussion (15 mins)

Pointer questions from us to them..

  • How would a different form/order influence how you understood the local environment?
  • Other groups vote on aspects they find the most interesting/useful
  • Who is the audience for this exercise if not the people involved?


  • Photograph the representational 'map'
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