Getting To Know You


What are the goals:

  • To get people relaxed and talking
  • To break the 'ice'
  • To introduce some of each persons everyday context
  • To think about what context & experiences you are willing to share to a new group

Social matrix:

  • Pairs


20 mins


  • Pens and paper to take notes

Activity (10 mins)

  1. Interview each other from a set list of questions
  2. Questions to each other:
  3. Who are you?
  4. What background do you have?
  5. What were you doing 1hrs/2hrs before?
  6. Where were you doing it 1hr/2hrs before?
  7. How were you 1hr/2hrs before?
  8. Who was around 1hr/2hrs ago?
  9. They take notes and write them down
  10. The interviewer re-presents what they have found out from the interviewee

Discussion (10 mins)

Pointer questions from us to them

  • What kinds of things were shared?
  • What wasnt shared?


  • Picture
  • Name
  • Background
  • Misc

Print and put on wall

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