Joni Happonen

What is your Name?

Joni Markus Happonen.

What was the last thing you organised for yourself?

Study schedule inspection session for next year. (way to graduate one year early)

Where and when did it happen?

at home

What was the last thing you organised for others?

Board game evening.

Where and when did it happen?

12th of april at my place

Who was it for?

For couple of friends

How many people came?

all who were invited. (4)

What networks did you use to organise it?


Radical ways of distributing music

This section focuses on music industry's changes. Recently there have merged some ground braking ways to distribute music from artist to consumer, that varies from the normal process.

Usual music production and distributing

Normally in music production the music producer has quite a big impact on the final work and if the music isn't for his liking he might demand changes on it. And depending of the artist role in production it might not be possible for them to argue about the changes even tho its against their own view.

The biggest change has happened in mastering. Usually the end product has been some physical like tape, LP or CD, but now the production of non physical format has increased also such as MP3. There have been speculation will the non physical format take over the music distribution and become the standard, which would decrees the royalties from artist even more and make it more profitable for the producers. But for now the physical format keeps it position as standard format.

The new way of doing things

It was the Radiohead that shook the music industry by introducing pay as you can method for music distribution, that gave user the freedom to select a price for the downloaded Radiohead album. The most disturbing thing for the music industy in this was the fact, that in this case there were no record companies involved in production and distributing chain.

After Radiohead there have been several other artists who have decided to publish their new albums trough internet with similiar payment methods. It seems that this trend is growing and more artist are starting to work on their own after their contract have ended with record company.

This p2p music distribution increases the incomes for the artist and makes the records cheaper for the consumers, that is only natural when there is one mouth less to feed. Even thou this seems threatning for the record companies i don't think it will be the end of them. To pull out something like Radiohead has done requires certain level of populairity, that usualy is best gained trough record companies, who has the money to make the artist popular. p2p music distribution also increases reachability of your band when it's still not popular.

Examples of bands and how they distribute music

Radio Head
Downloadable album
youtube video/music track

Some random story. First who made p2p distribution, because they didn't have record company and they had material for a new album. They just wanted to get their music available, they weren't trying to make any revolution in music indutry.

Nine Inch Nails ( NIN )
Downloadable album
youtube video/music track

Some random story. Fast album producing in time span of a year NIN have released 5 ablums.
publishing much music for free for exapmle collections albums, because he things its not fair to ask fans to pay to times for tracks.

Downloadable album
youtube video/music track

Some random story. They were one of the first to make p2p release, even thou they were under contract with record company.

~By Joni


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