Memory Recall


What are the goals:

  • How does context construct interpretation/meaning for the listener
  • Start of storytelling/presentation method

Social matrix:

  • 3 Groups

Per group

  • One 'presenter'
  • 2 key notetakers


45 mins


  • Ask the participants in advance to bring an old non-digital photo
  • At start of day we gather items for copying
  • 2 Photocopies of their items, make bounded boxes underneath for writing context tags etc.
  • Pens (thick markers)

Intro (1 mins)

  • Example/warm up exercise

Activity (30 mins)

  1. In groups, each person takes their turn to tell the story of that piece of media
  2. The others in the group each keep a set of 'notes', which consist of 5 pieces of context
  3. Within each group they pick the one piece of media and accompanying set of notes (packet) as being the one that retells the story the most clearly.
  4. It is placed on the wall.
  5. The other groups attempt to retell the story from only the keywords

Discussion (15 mins)

Pointer questions from us to them..

  • What keywords did/nt work?
  • What type of keywords were used? (time, space, etc)
  • Different roles of contributor/audience


  • A picture of each selected group piece
  • Notes on responses
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