On Shutdown Day

What are the goals:

  • To introduce each other
  • To learn about each other's motivations for non-digital media culture things
  • What is important to each other in the physical-corporeal environment

Social matrix:

  • eg. Groups of 2, followed by group circle


30 mins


  • note-paper and pen/cil or a good memory

Introduction (5 mins)

  • Speak about the ambitions and way to get know each other, leading towards what might be personal causes to encourage others to get involved in offline.

Activity (15 mins)

  1. eg. Pair off with someone you dont know so well
  2. Take note/remember the other person's answers to the following:
  3. Their name
  4. What would they do if they had to be offline for 24hrs?
  5. What would they do to encourage a friend to do the same?
  6. And to encourage 14 other people to do the same?

Discussion (15 mins)

Have a look at: http://www.shutdownday.org/

What did we learn from each other?
Documentation (for when?): Write in student-name of the other and notes here


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