Our Channelvision


What are the goals:

  • Learn about/from setting up a online media platform and the resources of youtube for curatorial practices
  • Start to stylize the identity of 'Clip Karavaani'
  • Gathering together personal choice/favourite movie-clips that could be potential screening material for 'Clip Karavaani'

Social matrix:

  • All persons, working individually and 2-3 groups of 3-4 people


4 hrs


  • Internet access for multiple persons
  • I have set up a youtube account for the project, email used: maa.uggla _at_ gmail .com (password: suomenlinna)
  • http://youtube.com/clipkaravaani (user: clipkaravaani, password: suomenlinna)

Introduction (5 mins)

  • Read process and make sure everyone understands what we hope to learn and also how to do it

Activity (3 hrs 30mins)

  1. Break off into groups of 3 or 4 people.
  2. 1 group should discuss and define the basic visual style of the 'Clip Karavaani' youtube Channel.
  3. another group discusses & reflects upon what type of content is on youtube
  4. another group gathers 'favourites'
  5. show each other what has been done in the session
  6. Continue to add 'favourite' clips from the youtube media platform throughout the project.
  7. send me an email (agryfp _at_ gmail .com) to let me know how goes.



My own example, *Alloavision.SeeYa!Tube*: http://uk.youtube.com/alloavision

Further channels examples: http://uk.youtube.com/members

*Youtube4u*: "ebook":http://safari.adobepress.com/9780789736987/pref01 and "blog":http://youtube4u.blogspot.com/

"Joining the YouTube Community—And Creating Your Own Channel":http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=726133&rl=1


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