Probing The Place

Exercise: Probing The Place

What are the goals:

  • To learn about different Cultural/Design Probe techniques
  • To consider how to gather data which reflects multi-sensory and multi-modal experience.
  • To reflect upon how one of your projects could have been documented to reflect complexity/different perspectives, and/or how future ones can be.

Social matrix:

  • eg. Individual




Introduction (2 mins)

  • Explain process and make sure everyone understands what we hope to learn and also how to do it

Activity (45 mins)

  1. Recall the Site-specific memories aka The Place exercise done previously which described a memory from 'My last project and me'
  2. Consider how you might use 'Probe' methods to gather data on your this project in retrospect
  3. Reflect if these methods would be useful for you and/or others in the project, such as collaborators, participants or audience in the process
  4. Identify 2-3 (but no more than 5) 'Probe' tools that would be useful (feel free to use ones already identified or invent new ones to suit the context)
  5. Write down these different 'Probe' tools, giving 2-3 sentences identifying what type of sensory/experience data they would offer, and the justification for their use

Discussion (10 mins)

If group discussion is desired, consider the question: How might your project have been represented differently if you had used these probes to gather data?

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