To 17.04 klo 9-12 Rm2010
Morning: Overview of context, and group wiki

Ke 23.04 klo 9-16 Rm2010
Morning: Autonomous cultures: anarchisms and self-organising
Afternoon: Proprietary cultures: intellectual property and piracy

Su 27.04 klo 15-18 Kirjasto10
Afternoon: 'Clip Kino' event at Kirjasto 10 (led by Andrew, with content proposed by library users)

Ke 30.04 klo 9-16 Rm2010 & Rm2013
Morning: Detailed presentation of 'Clip Kino' model, discussion.
Afternoon: Collaborative wiki production

Pe 02.05 klo 9-16 Rm2013
Morning: Participatory platforms
Afternoon: Peer-to-Peer networks and alternatives

To 08.05 klo 16-19 & 20-22 Rm2013 & Kirjasto10
Afternoon: Collaborative wiki production
Evening: 'Clip Kino' event at Kirjasto 10 (led by student group, with content proposed by students or others)

Pe 09.05 klo 9-12 tarvittaessa 147
Morning: Review of content and closing discussion.


Morning sessions: 0900-1200
Afternoon sessions: 1300-1600 except 08.05 which is 16-19.
Evening session at Kirjasto 10: 2000-2200

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