Selforg Overview

The 'Self-organising and Networking MAA' project was a programme of pedagogical activity at Taidekoulu MAA, that began in Summer 2007, led by artist-organiser Andrew Paterson. It aimed to give young art students awareness of contemporary networking, organising and promotional skills, including low-budget event production and use of online tools and services. Teaching is tutored in English, with peer and outgoing work in Finnish language.

In the teaching period from October-December 2007, students attended 12 x 4hr sessions, resulting in their self-organising of Clip Karavaani: 4 zero-budget 'micro-cinema' events during Valon Voimat Festival 2007 in November, Helsinki.


Each week there was 4-hour sessions at Taidekoulu MAA on Suomenlinna, and weekly screening/presentations open to the general public on a mainland location.

The following subjects/issues were covered more or less:

/ Art / Activism / Education / Self+Other-promotional skills / Research / Participatory arts / Active citizenship / Producing / Peer production / P2P / Prosumption / DIY / Open culture / Ourstories / Herstories / Histories / Self+Other-made Media / Network cultures / Social networks as tools / Telecommunications / Public-space / Private-space / Hybrid-space / Presence / Absence / Absent-presence /

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