Session 4

Sunnuntai 27.04 klo 15-18

Afternoon: Library culture: from book lending to media/event production

Kirjasto 10

The Library 10 is a combination of music and IT and is the 'flagship' for Helsinki City Library's ideas about the future role of the public service library in Helsinki.

"Located in the city center’s main post office building, Library 10 is a modern music library. It offers the most diverse music collection in Helsinki. There are also movies, IT and travel guides, and comic books available for loaning. The library receives numerous periodicals and newspapers as well. In addition to traditional library services, Library 10 offers many new services to its patrons. In the Audio-editing and Rehearsal rooms, one can practice or record music. The Stage functions as a venue for cultural performances, discussions, and other exhibits. The Group Work Room can be reserved for meetings or other uses. The library is equipped with a wireless network for laptop users. Of course there are numerous computer workstations that can be reserved and some available by queuing. If you just want to relax and listen to music, Library 10 loans headphones that can be used in tandem with fixed CD-players. The library is open to all."

Library 10's key words..

Rendezvous point

Work, play or linger

Library 10 as a place for creating, performing, or listening to music

The library as a public office



Clip Kino Helsinki

'Clip Kino' events are self-organised screening events of short video clips & documentaries found online. These are occasions to meet new people, and to sit down and watch what gets other people going.. What they like and dont like. It is good to watch. You never know what will happen. Every 2nd Sunday afternoon*.

For more infomation..

Sunday/Sunnuntai 13.04.2008 klo 16-18, Kirjasto 10, Postitalo, Helsinki

Andrew Paterson.. invites Kirjasto 10 users

The ‘Clip Kino’ role of guest-host (ie. the arranger of video-clips found on the internet) is intended for anyone and everyone. This is especially true for Kirjasto 10 patrons and users, who often frequent it's lending and reference service for music CDs, books and scripts.

This session will focus on music and its representation in online media platforms. In this Clip Kino session, Andrew will ask a random selection of people who visited the library on the weekend, for nominations of a music video clip.

For each, we will discuss the different issues surrounding its presence online.


Rock History: The Police "Message in a Bottle" 1st time live

Jimi Hendrix on Fire - Goodbye Art

Final Fantasy X-2 : A Neverending Dream

I'm Still Seeing Breen

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

Teagan & Sara

Alexis and Lisa "back in your head"

Radiohead - Paranoid Android (on Jools Holland, 1997)

Freddie McGregor - Revolution

Freddie McGregor - Just Don't Want To be Lonley - Reggae

Extreme Ways (Bourne's Ultimatum) - Moby

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday Perfoms Chocolate Rain Live On Jimmy Kimmel

Chocolate Rain 8Bit Remix

Chinese Backstreet Boys - That Way

James Blunt - You're Beautiful Parody by Comedy Inc

Trentemøller - Moan

V2 Music Channel on YouTube



Each month a Guest-host (organiser/arranger of movie-clips) will arrange one or two screening events (on alternate Sunday afternoons) at Kirjasto 10, central Helsinki; based on the range of marginal, popular and subcultural movie-clips available on online media platforms or ‘P2P’ networks.

Every Second Sunday [beginning 17.02] from 1600-1800,
As part of 'Klubi-10' at Kirjasto 10, Postitalo, Helsinki

We are soliciting for Guest-host organisers, i.e. arrangers of movie-clips to screen for future events in May and June.
(*) Extra or less events may be arranged according to interest.

If you are interested email: clipkino at gmail .com

Topics and themes can be from music, theatre arts, dance, audiovisual genres, hobby or expert interests, politics and subcultures. We ask you take responsibility for saying something about your choices, and be aware if it may be offensive to others.

Currently without funding, this guest-hosting would be unpaid work in the spirit of the collective commons.

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