Session 5

Ke 30.04 klo 9-12

Morning: Detailed presentation of 'Clip Kino' model, discussion

February 2007

Peer2Peer Workshop, Izmir

The ‘Sunflower Seed Swarm’ was inspired by the relationships formed in the .torrent file protocol, and the meeting of shared Swedish and Turkish sub/popular cultural references, and time-passing activities.

While preparing materials for the workshop in Turkey, I was aiming to download the amateur documentary film Steal-this-film Part 1: Stockholm 2006 made by Swedish file-sharers, as a collated expression of perspectives from Swedish file-sharers. Classic peer material, ‘by the people for the people’, included in the documentary were interviews with Piratbyrån in 2004 of The Pirate Bay, Sweden’s most infamous export, and the world’s largest bittorrent tracker.

Trying to find an appropriate cooptation, I proposed to illustrate the file-sharing/peer2peer system, using a local material product – Çiğdem (sunflower seeds). ‘Çiğdem’-sharing is a popular local activity in Izmir, as evidenced by all the seed shells discarded at the sea-side rocks of the promenade near Konak pier.

March 2007

Eyebeam residency proposal

October-November 2007

Self-Organising and Networking MAA & 'Jii Hutikka's Clip Karavaani'

January-March 2008

'Seeders N Leechers R Us'

February-Now 2008

Clip Kino at Kirjasto 10

"‘Clip Kino’ events are self-organised screening events of short video clips & documentaries found online. These are occasions to meet new people, and to sit down and watch what gets other people going. What they like and dont like. It is good to watch. You never know what will happen."

*Every Second Sunday [beginning 17.02] from 1600-1800*,
As part of 'Klubi-10' at Kirjasto 10, Postitalo, Helsinki |

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