Shared Events


What are the goals:

  • To introduce the intimacies of sharing everyday experiences remotely to a group, within a delimited time period.

Social matrix:

  • Distributed group doing different things.


  • 3-6 hours (ie. for example an evening)


  • Jaiku/Twitter/Context-awareness application settings adjusted for notifications between group


  • This activity fits with personal plans that have already been made related to everyday living. So whatever each person had imagined doing before the exercise is mentioned.


  1. Within the period of 3 hrs, share with the others your experiences. limit yourself to 160 characters (or approximately 1 SMS message)
  2. Send it to all others in the group via Jaiku/Twitter/Context app.
  3. Take a picture at the time to accompany the moment shared (This will be matched up later)

Discussion (during next gathering)

  • what event did you decide to share?
  • how relationship between context of captur and sharing?
  • How did it feel to receive other peoples messages?
  • feedback, problems?


  • Collate messages & notes from discussion
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