Sharing And Caring

What are the goals:

  • To learn about the mediums, tools and platforms oneself has used over the years of sharing media, including pre-'social media' hype
  • To make a time-line of these things to compare with peers

Social matrix:

  • eg. Working oneself, followed by group circle


35 mins


  • Several sheets of paper and writing tool each.

Introduction (2 mins)

  • Explain process and make sure everyone understands what we hope to learn and also how to do it

Activity (15-20 mins)

  1. Draw a horizontal line along the length of the paper. This is the time-line
  2. Think about when you first started to receive and/or give media to others
  3. Answer this series of questions: What medium was it? How did you receive it? From whom? Did you pass it on? If so to whom? How did you do it?
  4. Mark it on the timeline as first point with age

#Consider at least 4 other different periods in your life (from age 10 years upwards)

  1. Maybe these different points mark a shift or transition in the answers to above questions, because you got a new media device, player, habit or hobby.
  2. Mark them on the timeline as following relative points with age
  3. Return together as a group and present your timeline to the others

Discussion (10-15 mins)

What did we learn from each other?
Discuss motivations for sharing
Make comparison or correlation to each other's timeline
Consider how and why there are similarities or disparity among the answers
Documentation: Make photocopy/picture of each timeline

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