Site-specific Memories / 'The Place'


What are the goals:

  • To gain some experience in creative writing prompt exercises
  • To involve many senses and perspectives in place-based memories

Social matrix:

  • eg. Individual work


30 mins


  • None needed except paper/notebook & writing/typing tool

Introduction (5 mins)

  • This will be a step by step creative writing exercise exploring a place and your memories attached. It was experienced by Andrew Paterson in a creative workshop led by Scottish poet & novelist Jackie Kay in Middlesborough in 01.2004.

Activity (15 mins)

  1. Think about a/the place where you made your last project (same one as 'my last project & me exercise)


  1. Describe what you see at this place
  2. Look up, describe what you can see
  3. Look down, maybe you have zoom
  4. Imagine yourself doing something, an action there
  5. What does this action look like/how you might describe what you are doing
  6. Imagine your body in this place, what it might be like, feels like
  7. Is there any noise, or sound in this place
  8. Are there any smells in this place
  9. How about sense of touch, is there something you touch
  10. Are there any surprises encountered
  11. Then you are leaving, how is this happening, how do you leave

Post exercise (30 mins)

Write up the notes you took during this exercise to make a coherent text.
Consider in reflection afterwards what new insights you may have gain have about the context of your project?


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