Site Writing According To Rendell

Exercise: Site-writing according to Rendell

Co-defined in discussion with SSW2 students.

What are the goals:

  • To learn about Site-writing concept of Jane Rendell
  • To write considering spatial relations of the writer to the object of interpretation/critique
  • To write considering multiplicity of voice and variation of standpoint
  • To engage in writing with another person's work/project

Social matrix:

  • Individual


60mins writing, plus preparation (reading, visiting)


  • Share the following previous exercises with others in the group.

4 (My last project and me)
6 (Site-specific memories aka The Place)
8 (Probing The Place)

Introduction (5 mins)

  • Explain that it is possible to write about another person's work in the group (according to exercises 4,6,8) * or * the work currently in XL Gallery, Vuorikatu 22, Helsinki (

Activity (60 mins +)

  1. Read about/Visit/Engage with another person's work/project
  2. Take notes where appropriate
  3. Write for 60 mins/ 1hr on your engagement and interpretation of the work/project
  4. Consider including in your writing your spatial engagement with the work/project where appropriate
  5. Consider including the relations (real or imagined) within the work, the site, the context
  6. Consider placing/writing yourself in the text
  7. Consider writing about what others say about the work, the site, the context
  8. Consider what the work/project means to you, how you interpret it or see meaning it (or not)

Discussion (15 mins)

What did we learn from each other?

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