SSW 10: Personal Approaches

Site and Subjective Writing (SSW)

29.11.2010 15 - 17 : SSW Session 10: Personal Approaches


Personal comings and goings

How are we writing about what we do?

- proposal to ?: yourself and/or stakeholders: collaborator, funder, client,
- who, where, when, budget, timetable, what:
- limits , word count..

- scenarios, to do lists, diary
(analysing meetings, emails, discussions, describing, reflections on feelings&doings, emerging ideas), communications: emails,
iterative adjustments to proposal
- notes: who, where, when, what
- keeping record of what people said, proposals, active,

- report for ?: yourself and/or stakeholders..
- what: people, system, materials, objects, tech,
- essay:
- thesis: 'skeleton', references,
- interpersonal analysis (action research methodology) & interpretations
- memory work, re-interpreting work, re-compiling

How much writing are you expected to do?

"Writing should be something we start when we begin our studies, qnd learn about throughout the process"

It shouldn't wait until the end.

Lecture diary applied as a learning diary all the time in studies.
But it might need prompts, exercises, ..

How were you writing about your work before?

Photography: Verifiable, academic context, how have you learned from.. Intelligence has to be proved

"Why not write about the day a photograph was made?"

What different ways might you now have?

Listening and paying attention to how things evolve
Social histories of processes

Being 'still' allows one to notice more



What did you like the most about the course?

The relevance of this course in your personal study plan?

The relevance of this subject in your personal study plan?

The relevance of this course in the general MLAB curriculum?

The relevance of this subject in the general MLAB curriculum


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