Site & Subjective Writing (SSW2)

Department of Media, Aalto University School of Art and Design
[kurssikodi 25430, oodi noppa, 3 ECTs, MA New Media, Optional, Advanced]

16.01.2012 -07.05.2012

The general purpose of the course is to introduce to students strategies for writing their MA thesis and other texts led from and based on situated and subjective practice. Topics to be introduced: fieldwork narratives; confessional tales; auto-ethnography/auto-archaeology; media fieldnotes; artists and
designers' writing; site-writing; performative writing; spatial thinking; writing about practice; writing about process; writing about roles.

The students will be introduced to different site & subjective writing methods and examples, with short writing exercises as part of the learning process based on current work they are doing.

Lectures, individual exercise tasks, reading chapters of reference texts, and peer discussion/review of other students’ works. 26 hrs contact time. Teaching, lectures and writing in English.

As a practicing artist-organiser, and doctoral researcher in Media department, teacher Andrew Paterson will lecture & lead the learning process, including recent experiences and stories.

Bibliography & References

Course URL: http://

Contact: agryfp [-at-] gmail . com


Schedule & Location

Begin: 2012-01-16 | End: 2012-05-07

Mondays from 13.00-15.00 (with 5-10mins break in middle);
Room: 4327 - It's a new Media dept. lecture room in old language lab next to PC classroom, 4th floor

16.1. : SSW2 Session 01: Introduction / Personal approaches
23.1. : SSW2 Session 02: Ethnographic tales part 1
30.1. : SSW2 Session 03: Ethnographic tales part 2

13.2. : SSW2 Session 03: Introduction to reflexive & performance ethnography
20.2. : SSW2 Session 05: Auto-ethnography part 1
27.2. : SSW2 Session 06: Auto-ethnography part 2

12.3. : SSW2 Session 07: Artistic relations with ethnography
19.3. : SSW2 Session 08: Design relations with ethnography
26.3. : SSW2 Session 09: Site-writing

02.4. : SSW2 Session 10: Borderline archaeology
16.4. : SSW2 Session 11: Auto-archaeology
23.4. : SSW2 Session 12: In the age of pervaisive data recording and social media

07.5. : SSW2 Session 13: Outgoing discussion / Personal approaches


Assessment Notes

This course is worth 3 ECTS.

80% attendance on the lectures, completed exercise tasks (all must be submitted in email by end of the course).

If exercises are shared in class, students are responsible to bring for reading to group.

Attendance record:

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