Toni Niemisalo

What is your Name?

  • Toni Niemisalo

What was the last thing you organised for yourself?

  • I went to the movies alone. I like watching movies alone.

Where and when did it happen?

  • Couple months ago. And it happened in a movie theatre.

What was the last thing you organised for others?

  • I invited a friend for a cup of coffee. (actually beer)

Where and when did it happen?

  • It happened last friday in a bar.

Who was it for?

  • It was for me and my friend.

How many people came?

  • Two people came. My friend and myself.

What networks did you use to organise it?

  • My mobile phone.

Public domain cartoons

I founded this great site/blog called Vintage Tooncast. It's a blog where visitors can watch free public domain classic animations, cartoons and other high quality short films.

Like who remembers this piece of art …

or this one…

Public domain is a range of abstract materials. Commonly referred to as intellectual property which are not owned or controlled by anyone.

Old cartoons is a nice memory of the past. But is there a Finnish version? Where is all the Old Finnish cartoons?

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