Video Republic Compass

What are the goals:

  • To learn about the different forms of video contributions to video-sharing websites/platforms
  • To gather content based on the interest of participants for discussion

Social matrix:

  • eg. Groups of 4 (or less if not enough people), followed by group circle


40 mins


  • Look at DEMOS Video Republic research, and in particular, page 24-25
  • Make copy of quartered 'compass', N-S axis: Edited-Unedited & W-E axis: Original-Recycled
  • Have internet and computer access for at least each group

Introduction (5 mins)

  • Introduce 4 different types of video contributions, page 24-25
  • Recycled and unedited / Recycled and edited / Original and unedited / Original and edited

Activity (20 mins)

  1. Seperate into groups
  2. Within group, look up an example for each quarter from the social-cultural/environmental context of the place where you are. i.e. if in Finland, try to find Finnish-origin clips. If not possible, then try for larger regional territory etc.
  3. Once each group has found their examples.
  4. Gather and show each other selections.

Discussion (10 mins)

What did we learn from each other?
If groups had difficulty finding examples, why might that be?
What factors might encourage production and distribution of each type?
What factors might inhibit production and distribution of each type?


Collect links and title of each clip.

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